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Impressions through our image galleries ...

View several of our image galleries which shows the events happened in Rüters Hotel & Restaurant or in Salzhausen. Click on the images or the link to enter a gallery.

Church- & Marketday 2009
20. September 2009 (65 images)

Church- & Marketday 2009 at Rüter's. Live with the comedian Jürgen Müller and the Rock'n' Roll Deputzy!

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See image gallery: "Church- & Marketday 2009"
MaCajun Live
20. April 2007 (18 images)

MaCajun is the name of a regional well known band, which has played in our hall for several times. Their music style is one of the oldest styles in the United States ...

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Church- & Marketday 2006
17. September 2006 (74 images)

Images from the Church- & Marketday in Salzhausen which happens each year in september. In 2006 there was also an traditional manufacturer market ...

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Black Ducks Live
18. August 2006 (6 images)

The Black Ducks are performing evergreens from the 70ties, 80ties and the 90ties. The have played several concerts in the northern german area ...

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150 years Rüters Gasthaus
21. July 2006 (50 images)

Images of the great anniversary reception and dinner in July 2006. This day Rüters Gasthaus had the license to run a tavern per document since 1856 ...

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See image gallery: "150 years Rüters Gasthaus"
Manfred Broscheit Live
14. July 2006 (7 images)

The artist Manfred Broscheit playing live with his band in our hall. On this small tour he is presenting older and newer songs of his third album ...

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Jazz Morning Pint
18. June 2006 (12 images)

A warm and cosy summer morning in our beer garden. All guests enjoyed the luxuriant brunch and got entertained by soft jazz music ...

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See image gallery: "Jazz Morning Pint"
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