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The history of Rueter's Hotel & Restaurant

In the beginning, 1856, Hinrich Nicolaus Rüter, who lived in Reppenstedt by then, married the widow Catharine Benthack in Salzhausen. So he became the first "Rüter" in Salzhausen and the founder of a long tradition. Shortly after that, both decided to establish a tavern, which was indeed a mixture of a tavern and a farm first.

Beside that he was mayor of salzhausen two times, had a brick yard and furthermore a sheep farm, which makes his life more than exciting.

His son Heinrich Wilhelm and his wife pursued his great work and extended the tavern among other things with a skittle alley.

1935 - Main street in Salzhausen

Modern changes ...

As Hermann Georg Rüter (3rd generation) adopted the tavern in 1921 the court got political importance. A part of the smaller house was metamorphosed to town hall of Salzhausen since he was mayor. He was in office for 33 years.

Most changes were applied by August Wilhelm Rüter. He gave up farming and spends all of his forces into gastronomy. He enlarged the hotel with a lot of more rooms, built a new modern skittle alley and also the swimming pool.

To date the once old tavern will be pursued as a modern hotel & restaurant in fifth generation.

The 4 generations of the Rüter family

1962 - The modernized Hotel & Restaurant

Catherine & Hinrich Nicolaus Rüter

Catherine &
Hinrich Nicolaus

Working period
1856 - 1889
Heinrich Wilhelm & Dorothea Wilhelmine Rüter

Heinrich Wilhelm &
Dorothea Wilhelmine

Working period
1889 - 1921
Dora Magdalena & Hermann Georg Wilhelm Rüter

Dora Magdalena &
Hermann Georg Wilhelm

Working period
1921 - 1957
Gisela Meta-Marie & August-Wilhelm Rüter

Gisela Meta-Maria &

Working period
1957 - 1995
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