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Menu cards

Here you'll find our menu cards and our seasonal inspirated special menu cards. Hint: The "beer garden menu card" is only availabe at our summer terrace in the summer months.

Current menu card

Current menu card


Small mixed salad
4,80 EUR

Salad of wild herbs, caramelized goat cheese, heather honey
8,90 EUR

Mixed salad, tomato, avocado, passion fruit, croutons, fruits
8,60 EUR

Caesar salad - Romaine lettuce, parmesan, tomato, croutons, walnuts
8,50 EUR

You can choose one of the following dressings for the salads above:

Parmesan dressing, herb dressing or passion fruit dressing

Optional for all salads:

Stripes of beef +
7,20 EUR

Caramelized goat cheese +
5,70 EUR

Stripes of chicken +
5,50 EUR

Salmon steak +
6,00 EUR

We’ll serve all our salads with oven-fresh Baguette


Beef bouillon, custard royale, asparagus, carrots, small meatballs
5,80 EUR

Creamed soup of heather herbs, whole grain croutons
4,80 EUR

Creamed soup of tomatoes, roasted bread chip, basil oil
4,80 EUR


Pork cutlet „Hunters style“, creamed mushrooms, mixed salad
11,50 EUR

Calf cutlet „Wiener Schnitzel“, mixed salad
17,90 EUR

Beef fillet, stewed vegetables | red wine sauce | cafe de paris butter
26,50 EUR

Rump steak, grilled vegetables | port wine jus | herb butter
19,90 EUR

Different steaks (pork fillet, beef steak, chicken breast), fried sausage, bacon beans, herb butter
20,60 EUR

Saddle of lamb coated with herbs, bacon beans
17,50 EUR

Stewed leg from heath sheep, thyme sauce, red cabbage, fried mushrooms
21,90 EUR

Beef roulade, jus, red cabbage
11,50 EUR

Pork fillet skewer coated with bacon, sauted onions
13,50 EUR

You can choose the following side-dishes for each meal listed under “Main cources” & “River & sea”:

Sweet potato chips +
3,80 EUR

Chips +
2,80 EUR

Truffles parmesan chips +
4,30 EUR

Young leek risotto (also served vegan) +
3,80 EUR

Rosemary potatoes +
3,80 EUR

Fried potatoes +
3,80 EUR

Boiled potatoes +
2,80 EUR

Roasted potatoes +
3,40 EUR

Croquettes +
2,80 EUR

Polenta +
3,60 EUR

Bread dumplings +
2,80 EUR


Zander, roasted vegetables, white wine sauce
16,90 EUR

Fried fish fillets, dijon mustard sauce, salad
15,50 EUR

Prawns, flavored sauce, tomatoes, limes, olive oil, garlic baguette
17,90 EUR


Risotto, young leek, parmesan, stewed tomato
8,40 EUR

Penne, paprika, onions, zucchini, eggplant, garlic, tomato sauce, arugula
12,50 EUR

Bread dumplings, mushrooms, creamed herb sauce
8,90 EUR

Polenta, fried vegetables, wild herbs
13,40 EUR


Homemade aspic, mixed salad, fried potatoes, tartar sauce
11,90 EUR

Cold roast beef, mixed salad, fried potatoes, tartar sauce
14,90 EUR


Toast Hawaii
7,80 EUR

Boar curry sausage, salad, fruity curry sauce
12,80 EUR

Baked camembert, salad, bread, cranberries, butter
6,50 EUR

Fried potatoes, 2 fried eggs, salad, bacon cubes
8,80 EUR


Fish sticks, tartar sauce, broccoli, potatoes
6,50 EUR

Penne Bolognese
5,50 EUR

Penne with tomato sauce
4,50 EUR

Chicken Nuggets, chips
4,50 EUR

Pork cutlet, carrots, chips
6,80 EUR


Warm chocolate cake, pineapple vanilla chutney, raspberry sorbet
8,50 EUR

Maracuya crème brûlée, sweet woodruff ice, chocolate, physalis
7,90 EUR

Red berry compote, vanilla sauce
5,20 EUR

Different sorbets
6,50 EUR

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