Mission Statement

The mission statement of our company describes principles of our work and defines goals which our team wants to achieve in the future.

Our Vision

Our company has an over 150-years-long history and combines traditional and modern values today. Till today, the company is owned by family members, and it supports a growing economy in our region.

As a hotel, we offer our guest a place to relax and to feel good. As a restaurant we offer a cuisine with high quality, fresh and seasonal products. We create classic regional dishes with a modern touch and new creative dishes. Our vision is to satisfy our guests with our services.

Our Quality

Quality for us means, to fulfil the expectations of our guests and to be a bit better. For that, we verify, enhance and refine our quality standards. But quality also means, that our employees feel good at their workplace, and they do their work gladly and conscientious.

Our Guests

When we serve guests, we act like hosts. Our guests and their wishes, contentment and well-being stands in the centre of our work at any time. We treat criticism as a chance to get better.

Our Employees

Our long history is a result of each single employee over the decades. Our employees concentrate their attention on the well-being of our guests. We face each other with respect and help each other. Furthermore, we act together with reliability and a sense of responsibility.

Our Values

We respect each human and will be tolerant towards him. A respectful and loyal contact with people is important for economical, profit oriented and quality oriented companies. The growth of our region and the creation of workplaces is an important issue for us.