Plan your free time!

Perfect ideas for short or day trips – You'll find a diverse selection of free time actives for each age in our list

Free Time Activities

There are many possibilities to plan free time activities in our region. Visit swimming pools, zoos and wild parks, amusement parks, enjoy skiing in summer or drive a few laps with a go-kart.

Aquadies Egestorf
Distance: 12 km

Have a wonderful day at the "Aquadies" in Egestorf. A modern water landscape with family friendly experience areas.

The pools are filtered by organic processes, which is unique in northern germany.

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Barfußpark in Egestorf
Distance: 12 km

A special nature park to learn more about your senses. 

Sensitize your senses by feeling, touching, listening and smelling. Train your balance and enjoy a massage of your feet.

The park is open from the first of May till the end of October.

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Wildpark Nindorf
Distance: 9 km

With more than 1000 animals and a huge species richness, the "Wildpark Nindorf" is unique in Germany.

You can see nearly all wild species of Germany in the park. Furthermore, you can see animals from the northern latitudes of Asia and America.

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Museumsdorf Kiekeberg
Distance: 35 km

The open air musuem at the "Kiekeberg" is a lively and familiy friendly musuem.

There are 30 historical buildings on a 12 hectare terrain which tells you from the culture and the art of living in the "Winsener Marsch" and the northern luenburg heath.

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Die Insel
Distance: 14 km

"Die Insel" in Winsen (Luhe) is a beautiful adventure pool for young and older people.

Several pool areas, a whirlpool, a slide and an outside pool are waiting for pool lovers. The cutely constructed sauna area ensures additional relaxation.

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Weltvogelpark Walsrode
Distance: 68 km

With more than 4000 birds from 700 species, the "Weltvogelpark Walsrode" is possibly the biggest bird zoo in the world.

Birds from all continents of the world are shown in attractive animal shows. Also,  you can see different theme parks.

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