Our finish sauna is completely made of wood and lies near the swimming pool. It can reach optimal temperatures from 80 up to 130 degree.

Centered in the room there are placed some stones to increase humidity and make infusions of water or ethereal oils possible.

After visiting the sauna you can take a cold shower, just relax in the chill-out room or visit the swimming pool to complete your wellness pleasure.

Also, we offer additional services to you. Just ask us, we can organize most of them in a short term.

Relax in our sauna. Justify temperature and humidity and enjoy an illumination in different colours.

Reservation is necessary

Please inform us about your wish to use the sauna. We have to heat it up before usage. To take the reservation, just call our reception: +49 4172 969 28-0. Please notice: Usage costs for sauna are €12.00.