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Swimming pool and sauna - Our wellness area

The pool is closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will open it again, if we have further informations.

Take time to relax in our wellness area. Our swimming pool is open the whole year and offers an excellent ambience to enjoy your residence.

Filled with crystal clear water the pool is 9 meters long, 5 meters wide and has a depth of 1,40 meters. The water has a constant temperature of 28 degree. The whole room is designed in a terracotta tone and illuminated in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Equipped with a lot of adequate places to have a rest and furthermore 2 dressing rooms including showers, there are several reasons to enjoy this free of charge (for hotel guests) experience.

Relax in our swimming pool

Finnish Sauna

Our finnish sauna is completely made of wood and is located near the swimming pool. It can reach optimal temperatures from 80 up to 130 degree. Centered in the room there are placed some stones to increase humidity and make infusions of water or ethereal oils possible.

After visiting the sauna you can take a cold shower, just relax in the chill-out room or visit the swimming-pool to complete your wellness pleasure.

We also offer additional services to you. Just ask us, so we basically can organize them in a short term.

Optimal temperatures in the sauna

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