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Excursion destinations in our region

There are a lot of interesting places in our region, which can be reached fast and easy. So there ain't no reason to start a spontaneous excursion.

Distance approx. 10 km

The nature of the lueneburg heath region and it's development is an expirience for each visitor. Learn more about an exciting example of german history.

Beside the nature there are a lot interesting places to visit like the "Museumdorf Kiekeberg" or the "Totenstadt Oldendorf". At the "Vogelgehege Bispingen" you can learn more about the birds of this region. A highlight each year is the election of the "heath queen" in Amelinghausen.
Distance approx. 0 km

Older than thousand years Salzhausen is a popular destination in the lueneburg heath. The diversified landscape with rich in game hunting grounds, heath areas and the valley of the Luhe invites to walks and rambles.

Caused of it's central sheet all sights of the lueneburg heath can be reached very fast from Salzhausen.

There are also some little sights in Salzhausen like the Johannis church or the smallest fire departement museum in the world.
Distance approx. 1 km

The international horse-riding centre Luhmuehlen is just 1 kilometer away from our hotel & restaurant. Luhmuehlen is a popular venue for national and international events of the horse-ridign scene.

Also, out of the tournaments there are a lot of possibilites to host your horses and use the horse-riding centre as a training domicile.

Even without a horse you can enjoy horse-riding in Luhmuehlen just as the fancy takes you.
Distance approx. 16 km

The medieval commercial town Lueneburg is a historical highlight of our region. In Lueneburg you can see a lot places with historical churches or buildings. Lueneburg is well known for the trade with salt. The saline is a museum today, which can be visited too.

The centre of Lueneburg offers excellent shopping possibilites.

Surrounded by medieval flair there multitude markets and bazaars which makes the Luenburg centre an exciting place.
Distance approx. 50 km

The hanseatic town Hamburg is the second largest town in germany and a popular excursion destination. Hamburg offers a lot of historical highlights besides the modern aspects.

Reachable in a hour from our hotel you can start a day trip to Hamburg anytime.

The harbor, the beautiful churches, the parcs and furthermore dozens of other attractions ensures that Hamburg is one of the most beautifullest cities in germany.
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